HMWA is a proud member of the National Rural Water Association

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The National Rural Water Association was spearheaded in 1976, by 8 states in an effort to improve the quality of life in rural areas and in small communities. In the beginning, the Association provided an opportunity for small and rural water systems to work together to solve problems related to water system management, operations, maintenance and securing financial assistance to provide safe potable water to those without it, expansion of services and new treatment facilities.

Over the past 25 years, these efforts have been refined and expanded into a coordinated set of programs. NRWA has developed into an organization consisting of 45 state affiliates which provide comprehensive training programs and technical assistance to water systems. The Association also established a training program in the State of Alaska in 1992 and began a Technical Assistance & Training Program in June 1999. To help protect the country’s ground water source, Ground Water Technicians are working in 48 states. To further aid in systems’ wastewater needs there are currently Wastewater Training Technicians in 24 states. NRWA also has one Colonias Water & Waste Program and is beginning five Native American programs. In addition, the NRWA has an international program working in developing countries. NRWA presently consists of 45 state affiliates and represents over 20,000 rural and small municipal water and wastewater utility members, thus making NRWA the largest water utility organization in the nation.

NRWA is the servicing agent for the Loan Repurchase Program, which was the sale of FMHA loans as a result of the 1986 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986. The goal of the Loan Asset Program is to help maintain the integrity and soundness of the loans that were sold, through on-site technical assistance work and by inspecting all borrowers every three years. Training is also provided to increase the operational knowledge of system personnel and management knowledge of facility decision makers.

Federal legislation is monitored by NRWA to protect the interest of rural and small municipal water and wastewater systems. NRWA represents water utilities nationally to ensure us a voice in the creation of practical, workable and feasible regulations that will support each water and wastewater system and protect public health.

NRWA’s goal is to aggressively work to create a better life in the rural and municipal areas of our nation. NRWA is not just waiting for tomorrow they are helping to create tomorrow.

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