Customer Information

Customer Information

Lead and Copper Service Line Inventory

April 2024

Our employees will be conducting a survey of service line materials this Spring and Summer and you may see them digging around the water meter box in your yard. EPA has asked us to identify the material used for the service line on both the customer side and the Authority side of the meter for any homes built before 1989. We are doing this to determine “if” a home could have lead material in these lines. Once the survey is complete we will notify any customers with potential lead in the lines going to the home.

We are not aware of lead ever being used in the connection the Authority did, but we are doing this to be sure. To not interfere with our daily operations, most of this survey will be done during non-normal hours. Crews will begin in April working on Saturdays to do this survey. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call here at the office or ask the crews out working.


Mike Oliver

General Manager